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Sandy & John 23 Aug Thanks to Stuart for his email. We are also RNLI supporters although
living in Leicestershire but the work the RNLI do is so important.
Stayed in the area for our annual three weeks recently with varied
weather - but what does that matter when you are in the best part of the
world! Will be having a short visit during October half term and hope to
visit Sennen and see the work that has been carried out.

Keep up with the pics - they keep us going through the year.


22 August

We have just finished our annual holiday enjoying the pleasures of Sennen Cove, (and surrounding areas), and I just wanted to post a few points....
1/ I was very impressed with the new slipway works at the Lifeboat station and the 'apparent' minimal disruption caused to the main holiday season visitors, (I may be wrong), but I do think a big well done and congratulations are due to all the workers able to construct these sort of works in conditions very much dictated by the tides and still maintaining safe access for all of us visitors who come and invade your beautiful corner of Cornwall. Even tough this is technically a 'building site' there were very interesting public information boards about the works being undertaken.
2/ After doing a few trips around the trusty old 'Norman Salvesen' in my Kayak, (obviously only in the relatively calm conditions), I observed the amount of bobbing and bouncing of the lifeboat even with a moderate swell. Seeing relatively close up, how difficult it must be to board and launch the boat moored out at sea, I think a big well done is due to ALL of the Sennen lifeboat crew who are still able to keep a rescue service available during the station improvement  works. (Especially the recent launch late at night to assist around Lands End are in conjunction with helicopters & coastguard rescue staff Sun 2nd Aug I think?  It must add greater risks boarding 'Norman' at night compared to daylight!)  Well done to All of you Sennen RNLI lifeboat crew, boat & shore!.
3/ To my untrained eye the slipway works appear to be progressing very well, are they on schedule or have there been many set backs due to weather conditions?
4/ Is there a date set yet for the arrival of the new lifeboat?
{ P.S.  I am a regular RNLI supporter, although far from the sea I have been doing my monthly direct debit as a shoreline member for many years now and every time I come to Sennen I get a small glimpse of how important the works the RNLI do is.}

Thank you Stuart !
The works are due to be completed at the end of September and a relief Tamar class lifeboat is due on station around 3/4 October ... if everything goes to schedule !

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