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Double Yellow Lines

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Rod 31 Aug
This is a common problem in rural areas since parking offences were 'decriminalised' early in 2008.  Parking enforcement is no longer the concern of the Police as it is now dealt with by Civil Enforcement Officers (similar to Traffic Wardens, who no longer exist as such).  In the 'old days' the Police would send a car to rural areas from time to time and a police officer would issue parking tickets to offenders.  Nowadays the Police have no interest is such matters (except perhaps in cases of obstruction).  The enforcement of parking regulations is very much a money-spinner for the council and the CEOs operate in the areas where they can generate the most income, that is, in the main towns, where they can issue about ten £35 parking tickets per hour .  They are not 'mobile', in that they do not have vehicles, and therefore parking regulations in rural areas are more or less unenforced now.  This does not just apply in Cornwall, but countrywide.
Duncan 28 Aug It's because no one polices it ( literally )


23 Aug

We're currently enjoying our annual holiday in Sennen Cove, and have been amazed at what seems to be the new phenomenon of the double yellow lines along the main road between the beach and the harbour being ignored by so many drivers. We've witnessed several impasses between the buses and cars, caused by them having to negotiate the illegally parked vehicles, not to mention them causing problems for the construction traffic.

Obviouly, cars are clamped if they don't display tickets in the carpark, but is there no preventative action for the cars causing chaos along the road?

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