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28th August

We visisted Sennen last weekend. There appears to be have been a change in policy regarding dogs on the main beach. Dogs are (I think) now allowed on at certain times of day throughout the year. Many of the signs in and around Sennen are still showing the old rules - no dogs from c.March-September. This was a simple message and everybody understood it. Yesterday, I was on the beach in the mid-afternoon and there was a scratty little jack russell that turned up next to us, took a pee, and then proceeded to dig away happily. My concerns are two-fold 1) The signage about dogs on the beach is inconsistent and therefore needs updating to the new rules, and 2) allowing dogs on at certain times of day, but not at other times is confusing for dog-owners and potentially upsetting for beach users. Is this something that can be dealt with at local parish level or does the new council need to be contacted? For my part, I'd prefer to see the beach totally dog-free March-September. I have a little daughter and I do worry what she might pick up.



Clare 30 Aug Being regular visitors to Sennen Cove and responsible dog owners, we were really pleased with the change in the dog-ban times.  However, we agree that the signs should be updated and made more obvious so that everyone knows what times dogs are allowed on the beach.  This would give beach users more confidence to challenge people who flagrantly do not follow the rules. It would also be useful if the dog warden could visit more frequently - if a few fines were made then word would soon get around!
Oliver 29 Aug

Having just returned from a lovely week in Sennen I would like to say how much we enjoyed being able to go to the market to stock up with our mid week supplies. The people there were very friendly and there was a nice mix of local people and `tourists`. It was nice to buy good quality food from local suppliers and meant we did not have to visit a supermarket for our whole stay.

Duncan 28 Aug I've seen that Jack Russell before. I think it was parking on the 
double yellows.

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