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Lifeboat Station works and Slipway Replacements.

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20th January

Some information on the forthcoming works at the Lifeboat Station.
Starting in the first week of February, contractors will move onto site and demolish both lifeboat slipways and also commence major works inside the boathouse.

Access to the slipway works will be down the harbour slipway immediately to the west of the lifeboat house; all the spoil will be removed up this slipway and carried away by road out of the Cove. There will be no significant works traffic passing the Round House or entering the harbour car park.

It is hoped to complete the demolition and removal of both slipways by Easter.

Construction of the new slipways will involve bringing precast concrete sections into the Cove by road from a holding site at the top of the hill. It is planned that these movements will only be made early and late in the day to reduce any traffic disruption.

A jack-up platform will be brought in by sea at the end of April and will be positioned over the concrete end of the long slipway; works will be carried out from the platform to replace the underwater sections of this slipway.

The works are scheduled to be completed by the end of September.
The harbour beach will be available to the public as always - the contractors will be responsible for maintaining the integrity and safety of their building site with respect to public access. Operations of fishing boats and pleasure boats from the harbour should not be significantly affected.

Working hours are planned from 0700 to 1900 - with some weekend work possible. It is thought there will be no works during Easter week.

This project represents a significant investment by the RNLI in difficult financial times and secures the future of Sennen Cove as a lifeboat station for many years to come. The new £2.7m Tamar Class lifeboat " City of London III" is due to come on station following completion of the works.

The current lifeboat `Norman Salvesen` will be operated from moorings in the bay during settled weather; and will operate as a back up to our flank lifeboats out of Newlyn when the mooring becomes untenable in bad weather.





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