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Sennen Toilets Again

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Lizzie 20 July The loos need to be cleaned several times a day, the council are not going
to sort this out unless as many people as possible keep telling them that
this is what's needed.

I suggest that as many people as possible contact the council to complain. -
I've done this a few times, it's not hard to find the email address if you
google the council ... As well contacting the health and safety guys, maybe
it'd be worth contacting the local tourist board?

19th July


We love everything about Sennen and this year we had a terrific holiday again. However, the state to the toilets in the main Sennen car park was terrible - again! They were dirty, incredibly smelly and contained lots of flies. Just the same as last year. I know the toilets are controlled by the council and they should be ashamed of themselves. It appears that the vast majority of locals keep the area in and around Sennen so clean and tidy just to be let down time and again by the council. Local residents pay council tax, local businesses pay rates and holidaymakers indirectly contribute to council funds. So why are we all allowing the council to spoil what is otherwise a perfect place? I will be writing to the council about this but I am only one voice. Is there any way of forming a petition? I would happily collect the names of other holidaymakers and locals who also think the council should improve the cleanliness of the toilets and forward it as a petition to the council. 

Any suggestions anyone






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