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19 July
We've just come back from another fantastic two weeks in Cornwall and we only noticed one lot of dog mess on the beach. Some may say that one is one too many and to a certain extent I would agree. However, the mess was quickly buried deep in the sand and didn't cause us any problems. I think the toilets in Sennen are more likely to cause a health hazard (more about this in another post).   On our first morning we met a very nice lady with her dog just coming off the beach after taking him for a long walk. She said she is very grateful to be allowed to walk her dog along the beach, even if the hours are restricted. She also said that, in her opinion, the majority of dog owners who aren't picking up their dog's mess are local. She has lived in Sennen for many years so she will undoubtedly recognise locals.   As a dog owner myself if I lived locally I would also be very grateful to be allowed to take my dog on the beach in the morning and evening and, just as I do at home, I would always pick up after him.   As always our too brief visit to Cornwall was incredible. We enjoyed it immensely.  
We are already looking forward to next year!
16 July

We have recently returned from our first (not last) trip to Sennen Cove, we had a wonderful week at Cobweb cottage and would recommend it to anyone. We took our little dog with us who thoroughly enjoyed the time he was allowed on the beach, fortunately we were able to find some beaches close by that we could take him to during the day and as vigilant collectors of his poo have to say that we didnt come across any that hadnt been collected. It was very clean everywhere and we were impressed by that. I fully understand and appreciate the ban I just wish that when we have made the effort to adhere to it that others did the same, we saw quite a few people with their dogs on the beach outside of the allotted times..........never mind still a wonderful week.

13 July
Whether those responsible for path fouling are locals or visitors there is no excuse for not clearing up after their dogs.  When making a decision to bring dogs on holiday careful thought needs to be given re dog access to beaches.  There is as much responsibility attached to dog care as to child care - your dog/child, your responsibility.  Take a container with you to place the bagged dog mess's not rocket science is it?  Just a little organisation is required.
6th July
I have not seen any dog fouling on the beach either at Sennen or Gwenver, but what I have encountered, unfortunately, on three seperate occasions now, so far this year, is human excrement. This was not sewage, because two "lots" were just off the coast path between Gwenver and Sennen. These were not pleasant encounters...
Maybe there should be a "human" ban for part of the year...?
Ps thank you to all those who pick up litter as they go. I try and do my bit,

23 June

I am really sorry to sent this e-mail. We have been visitors to the Cove since the mid 1970's but have to report our experience of visiting Sennen Cove twice already this year (one to go - can't wait to return). When finding a space on the beautiful beach this year we have been surprised by the amount of dog 'mess' deposited on the beach. In recent past years this has not been the case and can only assume that this has happened because of the recent rules changes concerning dogs on the beach. I have also noticed that even during times when dogs are banned from the beach owners still ignore the prohibition. I assume that the offenders are holiday makers.
As to the cycle/bridle path that is absolutely disgusting no one, it seems, clears up after either their dog or horse.
I am sorry to whinge on like this and I really do love visiting and staying in the Cove and I am sure that we will continue to do so until we are unable to.




Rod 26 June Come on Rod,
First you assume that the dog fouling is due to visitors --- not sure about your research there!!!!
Next you complain about horse fouling ---- how many visitors arrive on horseback!!
Get a grip --- the world is full of pet owners who do not care about their fellow humans, get used to it.
Keep on rocking
Another Rod
Tamsin 26 June
Hi Rod
Why do you assume the offenders are holidaymakers?
Peter 26 June

Oliver – Heartily agree. Monica, I’m sorry you feel strongly about the lack of bins on the coast path but have you considered who would have to walk the path to empty the bins? I think not. Leaving bags dotted along the path to “collect” on the return journey IS littering whether you intend to pick it up or not. An extra doggy poo bag to wrap it up in or an old Tupperware container will stop the smell/contamination risk.


Please, everyone, pick up after your dog and take it with you. Irresponsible owners spoil it for the rest of us. Thanks.

Alison 25 June
"No one clears up after their horses"??!  Really, seriously, I mean have you ever tried bagging and bining horse poop?  'Tis very hard to squeeze 5lbs of digested grass into a poo bin!  'Tis the countryside, these things happen my lover.  Does great stuff on my tomatoes though.
Oliver 24 June

I also just spent a week in Sennen and had the pleasure of walking my 
dog along the beach before 8am and after 7pm. I always clean up after 
my dog regardless. And I have to say that on the days I was there the 
beach seemed to be very clean. Yes, there could be more bins made 
available, and if they were there I would doubtless use them. But in 
my opinion the lack of bins is not an excuse for anyone not to clean 
up, even if it means carrying a little black bag around for a long 
walk. Not always the most pleasant thing, but dog owners do have 
responsibilities, even if some of them are a little smelly. Isn't it 
better to be allowed the privilege of using the beach in the high 
season than the total ban we used to have?

Yes to more bins - and shame on anyone who is happy to spoil this 
beautiful place for others.


23 June

Just spent 2 lovely weeks in Sennen with our 2 dogs.  This year we mainly walked from Sennen Car park along the coastal path to Gwenver and had to leave the bags on the side to collect on our way back and so dispose of them in the bins at Sennen but what about people who do not do the return journey.  There is not one bin along this coastal path for people to put the bags in.  It is no wonder that the path is covered in dog muck as I think some people would not want to carry the doggie bags all the way to St.Just - especially on a hot day! so they let their dogs do it on the footpath instead which I totally disagree with but can't blame them really, would you want to struggle over rocks  carrying dog mess.  So come on Penwith Council, you keep harping on about dog fouling and banning dogs from beaches but what about placing some bins along the footpaths to encourage more people to pick up after their dogs.

We also went over to the Scillies and on all the islands its was easy to find disposal bins for dog bags.

Monica, Marti, Spike & Tizze

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