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25 March

Well my 2 week annual visit to the cove went by in a flash.
We arrived on the 14th February just missing the snow by a few weeks (shame that).
Sunday lunches were booked in the Old Success restaurant and were up to the usual high standard, one thing we did notice the Sunday lunches for the bar meals ran out quite early on both Sundays, we have never noticed that in previous years.

Then on to the Beach restaurant !! What a disappointment.
In the past, after our early morning stroll along the beach we have stopped off for a delicious breakfast at the "Beach restaurant", this year sadly the breakfast menu had ceased, no more scrambled eggs and hot chocolate, the menu had also shrunk in size it put us off so much we didn't dine there at all, where as we would normally have had several breakfasts and one or two evening meals.

The other big change was the lifeboat station…worked progressed during our fortnight but I must say "Norman" looked lonely anchored out in the cove except when he was visited daily by the crew. I'm looking forward to seeing the new boat on my return next year.

One of the highlights of the holiday was the fisher men hauling their catch upon the beach one morning, dragging the net in by hand, the children came down from the school and peopled gathered watching and taking photos, Paul and I stood with the other "spectators" in awe of how hard and difficult it is to make a living from the sea.

I'm recharged thanks to the cove ready to face the grim of the Midlands for another year.



Jackie & Graham

25 March

Wow! How lucky were we to spend last week in Sennen Cove - the weather was fantastic all week, not a cloud in the sky! Mind you it was just a bonus as we always enjoy the peace, tranquility and beauty whatever the weather! Great that there is a new lifeboat on the way, we will keep an eye on the website and may just 'HAVE' to come back to see the launch!
Jackie and Graham

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