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End of Summer

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Ian 10 Dec We visited the area over new year and it was great to see the cove on Jan 2nd and for the boys to kick a ball on the beach. What a change from our weather in Winnipeg! Food in the pub was ok and clear sunny skies made for a nice afternoon. It will be nice to be back over there one day soon.
Ian 20 Sep
We will also be coming to Sennen from icy Winnipeg in Canada, to visit over new year. We look forward to seeing the improvements to the lifeboat station (if its open) and the kids want to walk the beach having seen so much of it on the Sennen site. It will be nice to have two weeks out of the freezer and we will stop into the pub for lunch!


4 Sept.

Not everyone is sad with the passing of the summer!!!!
Hooray, I've booked Christmas in Sennen.
Can someone let me know if there is a "charity swim" on Christmas Day?
Will there be something in the Old Success to let us sponsor someone?
Is there anything else going on ? Is the "Beach" going to be open during that week?
We arrive on the 19th December for 8 days, SO looking forward.

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