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4th October 2009

Tamar Class `City of London III`
Sennen Cove

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The City of London Branch of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution has launched an appeal to raise £1m towards the cost of a new Tamar Class All-weather Lifeboat. It is planned to station the new lifeboat at Sennen Cove.

The City of London III appeal was launched in London on 18th October.2004

The appeal will embrace celebrations of the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar in 2005 and a limited edition of 50 specially designed eggs by Theo Faberge featuring Nelson`s bust will be offered for auction in aid of the appeal.

The Tamar Class Lifeboat is a brand new design developed by the RNLI - with the first lifeboat of the class going on station at Tenby, South Wales in 2005. The lifeboat has an overall length of 16 metres and is capable of a top speed of 25 knots.

First operational Tamar Class lifeboat visits Sennen Cove - 26th February 2005 - images

Conversion Work
The lifeboat house at Sennen Cove will accommodate a Tamar Class lifeboat.
Because of the different `bottom profile` of the Tamar to the current Tyne Class, each slipway station receiving a Tamar has to have their slipway either modified or rebuilt.
At Sennen Cove we have two slipways, both of which are required for the station to operate efficiently. Consequently, both slipways will need to be modified to take the new lifeboat, and once modified will not take the current Tyne class.

The modifications to the slipways, together with the installation of a new hydraulic `tipping cradle` in the boathouse and possible moving of the winches, will take at least six months to complete. During this time the station will operate a Tyne class lifeboat from the moorings in Sennen Bay. The exposed nature of the bay means that the lifeboat can only remain on the moorings in reasonably fine weather and, from time to time, will need to be moved to shelter at Newlyn. During these periods, all-weather lifeboat cover will be provided by our flank stations at Penlee, St Mary`s and St Ives; for major incidents our lifeboat would of course be available from Newlyn subject to the time taken for the crew to get there.

Conversion works started in early February 2009, and full coverage can be found here

4th October 2009

The Relief Tamar `Edward & Barbara Prigmore` in the boathouse at Sennen Cove today.
It is anticipated that, following further trials, the lifeboat will officially be put on service on Tuesday and will serve until the arrival of the City of London III in late November.

7th September 2009
Mechanic`s pre-commissioning training at Poole.
Richard Brown, Dan Shannon, John Murray, Ollie George and Terry George start the first chapter of the new era !

We are traning on the relief lifeboat `Victor Freeman` which is brand new - she will probably work from the Cove until the `City of London III` is ready in early December.

19th May 2009
The `City of London III` is looking resplendent in her RNLI livery - even if it is protected by plastic sheeting.
The lifeboat is in the early stages of final fit-out with several kilometres of cabling currently being installed.
The final fit-out is expected to take another 16 weeks or so, after which the lifeboat will undergo trials before being accepted by the RNLI.
Click images for larger versions.

The images below - also from 19th May - show Relief Lifeboat on 1293 16-13 undergoing self-righting trials.
Current plans are that this lifeboat may well come to Sennen Cove following completion of the adaption works and work from the station until the `City of London III` is ready.

8th March 2009
Latest images of `City of London III` under construction - click image for large version.

Our grateful thanks again to Jeremy Jenkins of the RNLI for the images.

1st December 2008
First images today of on1294 in build. Click on images for 600x450 version and details.

Our grateful thanks to Jeremy Jenkins of the RNLI for the images.


6th November 2008
The Station has today been informed that the allocation of our Tamar class lifeboat has been changed from 16-12 to 16-14. This news is not wholely unexpected and is a result of the slipway replacement works being extended. ON1294 16-14 will now become `City of London III`. The lifeboat is in the early stages of construction and is due to be completed in October 2009.
We understand that ON1292 16-12 is now due to go to St Helier Lifeboat Station.
The slipway and conversion works at Sennen Cove are now scheduled to commence in early February 2009 with an estimated duration of 10 months.
We hope to carry images etc both of the lifeboat under construction and the conversion work at the station as time progresses.

7th June 2008
Tamar Class 16-11 is currently under construction for Angle Lifeboat Station in Wales. The station website carries some interesting pictures of both the modifications to the station and the lifeboat under construction.
Angle Website (scroll down the page !)

15th May 2008
The RNLI have today confirmed that the `City of London III`, number 16-12, has been formally allocated to Sennen Cove.
As discussed above, the conversion work is due to start in the early spring of 2009, with the lifeboat, which is currently in the early stages of construction, due to arrive when works are completed in the autumn of next year.
We hope to keep a series of images online as the works at the station progress next year; and hopefully obtain some images of the boat during her construction at Devonport.

7th May 2008
A group of ladies from Wheathill Golf Club at Somerton, Somerset visited the station today and presented a magnificent cheque for £2,500 for the `City of London III` Appeal. The Appeal was the Lady Captain`s Charity 2007 and Annya Patten presented the cheque.
Our thanks to the ladies for their efforts on our behalf.

April 2008
The RNLI’s City of London Branch raised over £60,000 for the Sennen Cove Tamar lifeboat appeal at the ‘City 100 Guineas Dinner’ held at the historic Vintners’ Hall in London, on Tuesday night (4 April 08). RNLI press release

October 2007
Many thanks to Steve and Linda Hartley for running in the recent Great North Run for the City of London III Appeal. They both made it in good time and as well as enjoying the day (!) raised a substantial sum towards the new lifeboat.

September 2007
We were delighted to welcome members of the City of London branch of the RNLI to Sennen Cove. The inclement weather kindly abated for a few hours allowing our visitors a short trip in the relief lifeboat `Phil Mead` which included close encounters with dolphins. We very much appreciate all the hard work taking place in The City to fund our new lifeboat.

Our grateful thanks to Steve and Linda Hartley who are running in the Great North Run for the City of London III Appeal - they can be sponsored at - thank you.

May 2007
Crew Members Patrick Dowling and Dan Shannon will be running in the 2007 New York Marathon on 4th November for the Appeal. This is a major effort by Dan and Pat and it is quiet possibly unique for two Crew Members from a Station to run in the New York Marathon to raise funds for a new lifeboat for their Station. They are hoping for plenty of support on the streets of the `Big Apple` - and if you would like to sponsor them you can do so online at or by sending a donation direct to the lifeboat station ( RNLI Lifeboat Station, Sennen Cove, Penzance TR19 7DF) - thank you.

Adrian Eddy, Sennen born and bred, has completed a cycle ride from John O`Groats to Land`s End in aid of the Appeal and raised a magnificent £2850 pounds - thank you Adrian, your trip in the new boat is booked !!

April 2007
Congratulations to Dan Shannon (dep 2nd Coxswain) who completed the London Marathon (finishing between Gordon Ramsey and Matt Dawson !) raising well over £1,000 for the Appeal.

Thanks to the Team at the Logan Rock Inn, Treen, for two very successful quiz evenings which have raised towards £1,000 for the Appeal; and to the people at St Buryan who held one of their very popular `Meal Evenings` at the Community Hall, again raising in the order of £1,000 for the Appeal.
May 2006
"The next chosen charity for the Logan Rock Inn at Treen is the RNLI Sennen Cove.
By January 2007 we hope to raise approximately £2500 to fund a specific
package of equipment in the wheelhouse of the new Tamar Class Lifeboat, due
to be placed on station at Sennen Cove in early 2008. Watch out here for
notice of events."
We are very grateful to Anita George and her team at the Logan Rock Inn, Treen, for their continued support; and particularly for this new fund-raising initiative towards the new lifeboat.

April 2006
Congratulations and thanks to Steve Leek who has completed the London Marathon and in the process raised the best part of £1,000 towards the City of London III Appeal. Steve, who regularly visits the Cove with his family, has other running projects planned to help the Appeal.

29th October 2005
Hugely successful Trafalgar Faberge Dinner held at The Beach, Sennen Cove last evening.
Special thanks to Philp Birkenstein of The St.Petersburg Collection
and Craig Rich - our Weatherman- guest speakers.
The culmination of the evening was the sale of a Faberge Trafalgar Egg
for £10,000.
All proceeds of the evening went to the City of London III appeal to fund a new Tamar Class lifeboat for Sennen Cove.
Particular thanks to Nigel and Heather and the staff of The Beach.

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