RMS Mulheim Breaks Up - 7th October 2003

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RMS Mulheim ashore at Castle Zawn, Between Sennen Cove and Land`s End - at 0430 on Saturday 22nd March 2003

rms mulheim rms mulheim 11oct03
These two dramatic images of the wreck taken from the Talisound on 11th October show how the bow has become detached from the rest of the wreck.
The bow section remains embedded on the pinnacle of rock, whilst the rest of the ship has been washed a further 15 feet or so up the cliff.
RMS Mulheim Breaks Up - 7th October 2003
RMS Mulheim RMS Mulheim 7 Oct
Mulheim 7 Oct RMS Mulheim
Sennen Shipwreck Mulheim
This afternoon saw the beginning of the end for the wreck of the RMS Mulheim.
The ship broke into two pieces around about 1400 this afternoon, with the bow section including the forward hatch cover falling to seaward and the main section of the ship being washed further into the cliff.
Weather conditions are not particularly good, with a 3 metre swell and strong westerlies from time to time ...... but conditions will certainly be much worse through the coming winter.
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