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RMS Mulheim

Lat - Long :- 50`04.35 N : 5`42.45 W. NGR SW 347 : 258

RMS Mulheim ashore at Castle Zawn, Between Sennen Cove and Land`s End - at 0430 on Saturday 22nd March 2003

rms mulheim sennen shipwreck

The `RMS Mulheim` ran ashore at Castle Zawn, between Sennen Cove and Land`s End, at appx 0430 on Saturday 22nd March 2003.
Sennen Cove Lifeboat and Land`s End Coastguard Cliff Team were quickly on the scene ; with the crew being airlifted to safety by a rescue helicopter from Royal Naval Air Station, Culdrose.
The ensuing salvage operation has attracted national media coverage - with particular interest in the recovery of the ship`s cargo of plastic scrap.
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