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RMS Mulheim

RMS Mulheim ashore at Castle Zawn, Between Sennen Cove and Land`s End - at 0430 on Saturday 22nd March 2003

4th April. A large mobile crane is now in place with a traversing wire system rigged up over the cliff to the ship. The 1 ton bags of cargo
are slowly winched up (indicated with white line) to the cliff top.
An aircraft presumably inspecting the area for pollution, while the media presence remains !
Saturday 5th April :- Steve Jamo` scouring the beach for any odd bit of plastic - and a lovely tranquil sunset this evening.....
Sunday 6th April - a jack-up rig is positioned alongside the wreck this morning in ideal conditions - a barge is also on site and presumably will moor alongside the rig - allowing the cargo to be trans-shipped - more images later.
RMS Mulheim
7th April saw work continue with a barge moored head-in to the ship and the crane on the jack-up swinging cargo from the ship to the barge.
The landing craft `Mojo` is alongside having just delivered a `mini-digger` which has been craned off and can just be made out in the ship`s hold.
RMS Mulheim
8th April - a slight increase in the ground swell overnight has caused work to cease and vividly illustrates the difficulties of a seaward operation
at this exposed location.
Thursday 10th April - it was hoped to remove the jack-up rig from the site today but the swell prevented this ; here an excavator, which had been used in the ship`s hold, is transferred to the tug Afon Braint. Today was a fine, quiet day and this swell is routine and low by local standards. The seaward operation is too hazardous for the rig - and there are now fears for its safety due to adverse forecasts and large spring tides next week. (these two images videograbs).
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