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RMS Mulheim ~ Latest Images

RMS Mulheim ashore at Castle Zawn, Between Sennen Cove and Land`s End - at 0430 on Saturday 22nd March 2003

The images above taken on 31st July show the starboard side completely breached.
19th May
These are the worst conditions since the ship grounded - though still only wind sea.
On this evening`s high water when these images were taken, the ship was pounding and grinding and swinging quite a lot and clearly an awful lot of damage was being done.
It seems that most, if not all, the cargo is now either removed or washed out.
The above images on 2nd May , 2 hours before high water.
Weather:- wind northwesterly 32 knots , wave height 4 metres wind sea, no significant swell.
Friday 2nd May at high water. The ship is moving significantly.
Gamper bay has a large slick of dirty water extending nearly to Land`s End.
9th May - this evening saw the first significant pollution on Sennen Beach - floating `rafts` of plastic came ashore late afternoon and machinery was quickly mobilised to clean up.
It looks quite possible that the ship is starting to break apart and releasing significant amounts of cargo.
These 3 images are of the wreck on Friday 30th May - just before she was abandoned to the elements and the salvage operation was concluded.
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